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In 2016, we formed Timber Performance in order to offer patients an exercise-based facility that could help them bridge the gap between physical therapy and resuming their regular pre-injury or pre-surgery fitness routine. All too often, without supervision, the transition from PT to one’s regular fitness activities can lead to injuries and set-backs. Above all else, we did not want see our patients to lose their hard-won progress achieved during their PT rehabilitation. We wanted to do everything we could to see them continue on their positive trajectory.

Although we had informally helped many of our patients during this all-important post-PT transitional period, we decided that we could better serve our patients by formalizing these offerings in a more organized, structured, and comprehensive manner. Timber Performance was also formed to help rehabilitating athletes get back on the court, the field, the ice, or the slopes as quickly as possible — while still ensuring safe, incremental progress. Those who enjoy participating in activities that require high fitness levels would greatly benefit from Timber Performance as well.

For Corey Vancura, our on-staff athletic trainer, his passion is working with athletes and other active lifestylers to help them “get back in the saddle” once again. Corey understands the importance of this personally. He successfully overcame a severe MCL tear as a teenager so that he could continue participating in those sports he loved to play. For any athlete, their sport is an integral part of who they are, and it’s what makes their lives complete.

Timber Performance’s goal is to help every active person, regardless of age or ability, to get back to their active lifestyle and fitness level that they are accustomed to. To establish a baseline, we perform a full Functional Movement Screen on every client. From these findings, we develop a detailed fitness program that is unique for each individual. As part of your program, we establish measurable incremental goals in order to continually monitor and evaluate your progress.

Through our integrated rehab and fitness, the therapists at Timber Performance will be with you every step of the way. You’ll get the personal attention and care you need to reach your health and wellness goals, and we’ll guide you through the injury rehabilitation process so that you return to optimal health and wellness. Because your program is individualized for your particular needs, every visit with us counts and will bring you closer to your fitness goals.

If you have questions about what Timber Performance can do for you, or would like to sign up for one of our classes or a personal training session, contact us at  802-864-3785. You can also contact us online at timberlanept.com under Timber Performance.