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Sports Recovery Package Functional Movement Screen

Too many athletes comes see a physical therapist after they’ve had an injury and need to rehab. Let us help you prevent injuries down the road.

The professionals at Timber Performance will run you through a full Functional Movement Screen, assess your posture and gait, and finish the treatment with our state-of-the-art 10-chamber pump. We’ll help you recognize those postural patterns and habits that you aren’t even aware of that could easily lead to injury on or off the field.

Our fundamental training program will help you get stronger, feel healthier, and give you more energy throughout the day. This program will also help you prevent injuries, which is so important for staying on a fitness program. This program focuses on general strength for activities of daily living including correct posture, core stability, mobility, and, of course, injury prevention.

We are flexible, and you can schedule your training for times convenient for you. However, prime appointment times fill up fast.