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We are Timberlane PT

At Timberlane Physical Therapy (TLPT), we offer precise and targeted rehabilitation and fitness services specifically designed for each patient. We help our patients recuperate from surgery or injury, with less swelling and pain, which can improve range of motion faster helping to gain function that gets our patients “back to life” as soon as possible. We are often thanked by our patients for giving them “miracle” results.

What sets TLPT? We have amassed an amazingly talented, cohesive team of health care professionals with decades of clinical experience. All of us share a true passion for helping people and we make partnering with our patients a priority to get results. Patients at TLPT benefit from the collective wisdom of the entire staff as we work collaboratively, allowing you to receive the best of what each therapist has to offer. Every week, we meet as a team to collaborate on patient treatment and outcomes.  We take actually the time to listen and we conduct a thorough assessment of the whole person — not just your shoulder, hip, or whatever body part is giving them trouble. Also, each of us has developed areas of expertise and specializations in conditions that are rarely found in clinics outside of the largest metropolitan areas. We offer a wide range of hands-on treatments and manual therapies, including dry needling, mobilization, soft tissue and fascial manipulations. However, in a much broader sense, we are here for one reason: to give our patients their lives back.

If you’re a new patient and ready to get started, filling out the forms below will expedite our registration process so that we can get to what’s really important — helping you achieve your recovery goals. Just click on the link to the forms below for you to print and fill out. You can either fax them to 802-864-0274 or bring them with you to your first visit.

We are grateful for the opportunity to help you on the road to recovery. The entire TLPT staff  will be with you every step of the way toward reaching your recuperation and fitness goals.

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