We get skiers back on the mountain.

One of the most gratifying things we do as physical therapists is to get people back to doing things that they had not been able to do for some time because of injury or illness. This case illustrates how a little creativity and tapping into the patient’s own skill set can result in innovative solutions to challenging problems. Challenge: Our patient, who is an avid skier, fell awkwardly and sustained a spiral fracture of his fibula, prematurely ending his season. He had surgery about a week later, and the fracture was repaired with a plate and several screws. He went through rehab throughout the spring, and by the time summer arrived he was feeling well with minimal pain and dysfunction in his ankle. With the onset of the ski season this year, the patient headed back to the ski hill to make some early-season turns. Having not tried on his ski [...]

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How can meditation posture increase back and knee pain?

We’ve seen a sharp rise in those interested in practicing mindfulness and meditation as an effective way to reduce stress and improve our general health. Sometimes, however, we are seeing an unintended consequence of meditation practice: an increase in back and knee pain. Challenge: This week, one of my patients had asked me how I could help her alleviate back and left knee pain she was experiencing while sitting in her crossed-legged seated meditation posture. It was an interesting inquiry, and I was anxious to help. I asked her to duplicate her meditation posture for me, and I took a close look at her sitting position on the floor. Her hips were raised slightly on a small pillow, and she was sitting up very tall. So tall, in fact, that her middle and lower back position was causing her to over-activate her back muscles. Her back muscles were in a [...]

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