Welcome to Timberlane Physical Therapy.

Who We Are

Timberlane Physical Therapy (TLPT) is far from your average physical therapy and wellness office. At TLPT we realize that each patient is unique. That’s why we take the time to assess the whole “you” instead of fitting you into a specific box or treatment approach like other organizations. Through the delivery of precise, targeted and effective rehabilitation and fitness services we are able to help you achieve your goals, whether it’s climbing a mountain or walking across the room. Our collaborative team atmosphere allows you to receive the best of what each therapist has to offer, enabling you to enjoy a lifetime of fitness. In fact, we meet as a team every week to collaborate on patient treatment and outcomes.

Our Mission

Each day the team at TLPT wakes up with one mission: to help active individuals reach their performance goals. We believe if we treat our patience with the respect they deserve we can create an environment that enables them to far surpass their current levels of fitness and athleticism. Since 1987 this powerful mission statement has helped thousands of individuals return to their desired level of wellness, stay injury free after rehab and excel during performance training.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is quite simple: we believe the most effective service lies at the intersection between passion, diversity and experience . By excelling in each of these areas we are able to find solutions for the simple and complex cases.